Beauty and the Beast? Beautiful Celebrities and Their Homely Significant Others

Lil Wayne and his bevy of hotties have flabbergasted the public for years now.

There is hope for the rest of us ordinary-looking (or worse) folk in the world. Beautiful people, including celebrities, don’t always fall for the equally pretty partner. Sometimes the extremely good-looking find intangibles, characteristics or qualities that draw them to a particular person whom everyone else says “huh?!? You’ve got to be kidding? How did that happen?”

Obviously you have some game about yourself or thick stacks, or incredible artistic skills, or strong business acumen or some combination thereof, but these examples prove that looks are not the only qualities that beautiful people look for in this increasingly shallow society of ours. Of course, some of these relationships are no longer, but who cares? That’s not the point of this essay. There was obviously something about that person that made the romance and/or marriage to the goddess or hunk happen in the first place. Now, what you do once you get that gorgeous person (and what you do to keep them) is quite another story.

In short: Ordinary-looking people, get inspired!

Here is the list of beautiful celebrities and their homely significant others, according to the court of public opinion, with some help from the likes of Splash News and

Most celebrity watchers say “Beyoncé’s the hottie and Jay Z’s is a “not tie” but they are still crazy in love,” says

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