People get it twisted when they believe that all Hollywood heavyweights and heavy metal band members are automatically inducted into the Democratic National Party. In fact, there is some belief, as stated in, that you haven’t become a de facto elite actor unless you have been invited to one of George Clooney’s high-profile Democratic fundraisers.

Some artists aren’t trying to hear what Clooney and his buddy, President Obama, have to say. They are deeply entrenched on the other side of the political isle and, in fact, some could be considered ultra-conservative right winger, to boot, according to

Here is the list of celebrities who are Republicans. And the list may surprise you.

1. Jessica Simpson (above)

2. 50 Cent

Curtis Jackson even went so far as to say back in 2004 that he and George Bush are a lot alike: They were widely disliked but that they would be around for four more years.

Terry Shropshire

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