Dwele: ‘Greater Than One’ Album Review


Dwele releases his sixth new, fresh album Greater Than One.  Always expect great mood music as Dwele finds tranquility in smooth harmonies and a tight baseline that has been prevalent in many of this albums.

In case you have forgotten about Dwele, you’ll quickly relapse into a soulful trance that leaves you feeling excited about music again.    With songs that give a nostalgic view of his past loves and strong story lines, it feels great to know that you can always count on the Neo-Soul community to preserve the essence of true music and skillful songwriting techniques. “Takes22Tango” is the perfect representation of these classic elements.

Bringing along Raheem DeVaughn along for the soulful ride on “What You Gotta Do” was the perfect touch to Dwele’s style as they join to teach the listener about keeping a woman.  Though many might quickly associate Dwele with slow-paced music, Dwele came strong with party songs like “This Love”, “Must Be”, and “PATrick RONald”.  As Dwele dives further into the album and into his club-inspired songs, you’ll notice that he ensures his language is clean and appropriate for all ages listening.

Dwele makes being caught in a love triangle sound so good with “Love Triangle”, “Frankly My Dear” makes an ending affair sound so enticing. His lyrics help evoke an emotion over music that most artists and songwriters couldn’t imagine relating to each other.

Song on repeat- “Obey”



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