The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Ann, attempted to do the near impossible in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday, Aug. 28. As one the keynote speakers on the first day of the GOP convention, she attempted to humanize her husband and breathe life into a rather robotic, almost mechanical personality before millions in attendance and on television.

Despite months of massive news coverage, the country is still not sure who this questionable businessman from suburban Detroit and former Massachusetts governor is. Ann Romney’s speech not only failed to crack the hard shell encasing her husband, she actually raised several reasons black women should be wary of her and her husband.

These are the reasons why black women should not trust Ann Romney.

1. She said during her convention speech that she wanted voters to “get to know” her husband. But even Willard Mitt Romney’s own party doesn’t know him, doesn’t like him and doesn’t trust him. So why should black women or anyone else trust him? It’s just that Republicans hate President Obama for more than just his political beliefs and want him out of office at all costs.

2. If you have to urge your own supporters and the world that “You can trust Mitt,” as she said, then can you really trust him? And can we trust her? She came off as a used-car salesman with that pathetic plea. 

Terry Shropshire

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