Racist Republicans Attack Black Camerawoman at RNC in Tampa, Fla.


On Tuesday, Aug. 28, a black camerawoman endured racist taunts by several attendees at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

According to reports, a black camerawoman from CNN was heckled by attendees who threw nuts at her head. While throwing the nuts, the attendees yelled, “This is how we feed animals.”

The people responsible for the incident were removed from the the convention center, but it proves that the Republican Party continues to be decades behind when it comes to racial acceptance.

CNN released a statement confirming the incident but would not share further details.

If you have had a chance to watch the RNC, you may have noticed that it looks like a throwback to the segregated 1950s. There simply aren’t many blacks in attendance. With majority white attendees and very few minorities, it reveals a sad truth about the racial disparity within the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, the party continues to ignore the value of the black community.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

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  1. If this Black woman had a camera, then where is the video footage? I want to see the proof!
    Come on Black people, get it together!
    The whole world is watching!

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