Celebrity Bling: Top Wedding Rings in Hip-Hop

Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ wedding ring.Very pretty!

A fabulous diamond ring does mean a thing, especially in the world of hip-hop. June, the favorite month for weddings, is quickly approaching and lots of women in hip-hop want their diamonds to shine and stand out. In the videos, we see diamond chains, tricked out whips, mink coats and gold grills. But the guys in hip-hop want everyone to know that their main girl belongs to them, so they give them huge rocks.
Check out these gorgeous diamond rings on some of the most popular women in the game right now. We also have a little surprise at the end. You will never guess who shuts them all down with the biggest carat of them all. A hint: She is married to one of the biggest media moguls of our time right now.


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