Obama Edges Romney in Fundraising for August

After being routed by Mitt Romney and the Republican Party in fundraising for three consecutive months, President Obama edged out his GOP rival with a sharp increase in August, the media reports.

Obama raised more than $114 million in August, the Associated Press states, while Romney took in a little more than $111 million, which is still an impressive amount.

The Obama take represents a sharp increase from his July totals of $75 million. The campaign reported more than 1.1 million supporters donated to the campaign in August, bringing the grand total to three million overall. The AP said the average donation was $58 with 98 percent of those giving $250 or less, strengthening the theory that even the smallest donations count in the overall scheme.

“The key to fighting back against the special interests writing limitless checks to support Mitt Romney is growing our donor base, and we did that substantially in the month of August,” said Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign spokesman.

Conversely, Romney’s campaign did not release its total number of donors in August, the AP reports, but said about 94 percent of its donations came from people who gave $250 or less.

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering bold solutions to our country’s problems. That is why we are seeing such tremendous support from donors across the country,” Romney’s national finance chairman Spencer Zwick and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said in a joint statement.

The large increase with Obama’s fundraising coincides with the heavy offensive assault his camp mounted against the Romney campaign during the summer in terms of advertising in order to dent Romney’s campaign armor.

The report cautions against declarations of victory for Democratic voters. Despite Obama’s advantage in August, it’s the third straight month Romney has raised more than $100 million, and the figure represents his best one-month fundraising total. And Romney has socked away more money for the general election campaign.


Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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