Iyanla Vanzant called Evelyn Lozada a “thug among women.” Are Lozada’s antics becoming our new reality?

Facebook Friends Sound Off About Reality Show Shenanigans

Numerous reality shows depict  women of color as physically or verbally abusive toward each other. It happens on reality shows but also occurs in real life as well, but the ultimate question is why.

Five Facebook friends viewed “Oprah’s Lifeclass”  with master instructor Iyanla Vanzant, Why Women Do Terrible Things to Each Other. The women, all in their 20s, are upwardly mobile professionals with great female friendships, who had a few things to say about the state of black sisterhood.

davinia cox

Crystal says:

Do you feel that black women support one another?

‘Honestly no. I only feel as though black women support each other if they’re close friends but sometimes that can fall back on most people as well.

How can we be more supportive of one another?

Just by realizing, if we can help each other out no matter what it is, we can excel together.