Memphis Teen Sex Parties: Dangerous, or a New Business Model?

Team Taboo party promoters Facebook profile photo.

Team Taboo is one of two things, a last chance opportunity for young women to make public sex tapes and become famous the Kardashian way; or, a burgeoning business model that fuses social media, teenage nightlife, and yes, the adult swingers party and video.

A video invitation surfaced months ago that depicted young adults fornicating in a public club setting. The initial response was that the video invite was fake, or a byproduct of the ‘reality sex’ adult video industry.

However, the video invitation was not fake, the wild sex party took place, and according to authorities, the ringleader was a registered sex offender, 43-year-old Charles Smith, who owned the building where the party was held.

Memphis police crashed Team Taboo’s Anything But Clothes Lingerie party, and according to reports, officers found drugs, alcohol, and kids having sex. A few arrests were made, and the young party promoters apologized for the good time that apparently got out of hand.

This is the report from Memphis’

A Memphis party promoter is defending a wild Saturday night party that led to the arrest of 16 people, including a registered sex offender and six juveniles, at an illegal “lingerie party” with drugs, alcohol and minors openly engaging in sexual acts.

“I apologize for everything that went on, I promise you when I threw the party I didn’t mean for anything bad to happen,” said Reggie “Armani” Adams.

Adams says the party was supposed to be an after-party following the Southwind High School basketball game.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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