Lisa Wu’s One-on-One Interview for New Film ‘Must Be the Music’

Reality star and actress Lisa Wu has been laying low. Little do people know that she has been perfecting her craft and working on many projects. She has been doing many film projects and one of the latest  is with film director,writer and producer Charles Dutton who most remember from the TV series “Roc”. The new film is called, Must Be The Music. The star-studded cast which includes; Tosha Smith, rapper Meek Mills, Clifton Powell, Trina and a host of others. We got a chance to catch up with Lisa as she shares information on her role as Karen, her love for acting, and other projects coming soon.
Tell us about your character in the movie Must Be the Music?  I play Karen Terrell, Big Mikes (Charles Dutton’s)  right hand girl. No nonsense, calculating and loyal to Big Mike’s vision.
How did this movie project come about?
I auditioned for Charles Dutton a year before this for the Obama Effect. They were almost finished with that film, but he told me he would use me one day. You hear that often in this business, so you really don’t hold them to their word. I ran into Charles while doing a book tour for When the Cake is made,co authored by Miasha Coleman. [I was] at a studio and my co-producer Rich Coleman knew the owners and producers of the film, Stevie G and Terrance Glascow. We chatted, Charles and I, and when I left he told the producers he was writing me in. He is a man of his word and I will always be thankful for the opportunity.
Has it always been your life long dream to be an actress? I’ve always wanted to perform whether that was dancing, singing, putting on shows for my family I think every little girl that grew up watching “Good Times” dreamed of being Penny [laughs].
How was it working with actor Charles Dutton? Charles Dutton is a phenomenal actor/director.  The first day I was so intimidated and in awe. After the first day of shooting I went to my hotel and just prayed. I knew I had prepared and I just wanted to “be.” The next day I woke up Karen Terrell, thank God. He wasn’t playing on that set, but it was an extreme honor and now I am able to return the deed as he will be in When the Cake is Made. I believe you always look out for those that look out for you!
What other projects are you working on? I am doing some work on The Internships with Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. Really excited about working with those guys. I love them all and they are hilarious. We are bringing When the Cake is Made to the big screen!  And I’m writing full time developing a few shows.
Check out the trailer:

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