In what is the saddest day for Lil JoJo’s mother, Robin Russell, she had to tolerate the odd mix of her own emotions, a grief-stricken family, friends who loved Lil’ JoJo as much as family, and a splattering of foes who showed up just to disturb the peace.

As the friends and family members were paying their last respects, a crush of teens surged toward the casket, nearly toppling it, and that led to Russell’s outburst: “Get the f— out!”

There is a war going on in Lil JoJo’s neighborhood, a war of words playing itself out in lyrics, video and in social media. As Lil JoJo’s procession made its way to Mt. Hope Cemetery, shots rang out along the route. It is unclear if it was gunfire to salute their dearly departed, or if it was gunfire that intended to wound those in the funeral procession.

Chicago police were dispatched to the Morgan Park area.

Pastor Corey Brooks encouraged those in attendance to leave the thug life alone and to seek God.

As the funeral ended, Chicago Police from the elite gang unit, armed with assault rifles, detained funeral-goers at a nearby gas station and frisked several cars and even members of Lil JoJo’s family.


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