Is Nicki Minaj Fighting With Mariah Carey on 1st Day as ‘American Idol’ Judge?

Nicki Minaj Joins “American Idol” as Judge. Fights with Mariah Carey.

Fox network announced that Nicki Minaj will join judge’s panel on “American Idol,” alongside Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban. Jackson is the only returning judge ater 12 seasons. Carey, Urban and Minaj will replace last season’s judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. The four judges, along with host Ryan Seacrest, joined for their first audition session Sunday in New York.

Minaj and Carey, according to TMZ reports, were catfighting:

As Minaj started to critique a contestant, she would reportedly be  interrupted regularly by her pop diva rival during Sunday’s auditions in New  York City.

That caused the 29-year-old rapper to keep talking louder and louder to  drown out Carey, 42, according to the report.

Check out the pics of the judges and the host on their first day at work by clicking continue.

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