Floyd Mayweather Jr has been order by a judge to fork over more than a hundred thousand dollars to would-be boxing nemesis Manny Pacquiao.

The judgement stems from a 2009 lawsuit that the “Pac-Man” filed against Money Mayweather for falsely accusing the Philippines phenom of using performance-enhancing drugs.

In total, Mayweather has to pony up $113,774 to settle the judgement. However, according to tmz.com, the judgement does not mean that Pretty Boy Floyd lost the case.

Mayweather was accused of doing to Pacquiao in the courtroom what he is allegedly doing in the boxing ring: dodging him. When Mayweather was told to appear in court for the deposition between June and October 2011, Mayweather suddenly got ghost, claiming that he was preoccupied with training for his upcoming fights. But Pac-man fired back at that defense, saying Mayweather was photographed partying it up with various celebrities in different hotspots around the country.

The celebrity blog site said that Pac-Man felt he should have won the case on that basis alone, but the judge did not rule in his favor on that. TMZ says the case, now into its third year, will continue, no doubt with Mayweather contending the decision.

Terry Shropshire

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