Jackie Christie Embarking on Music Career 

An L.A. basketball wife is making headlines not for her usually snarky comments and issues with her cast mates, but for her new music. Jackie Christie, the loyal wife of ex-NBAer Doug Christie, has released a new song titled “Woman of the Year.” On the nearly four-minute long track, she boasts about her designer threads and the glorious life of a woman in the spotlight. “Black Gucci shades, six-inch heels, If you don’t come from nothing you don’t know how it feels,” sings the reality star.”Woman of the year, woman of the year, Cash in the bra, haters in the rear, I’m the woman of the year, I’m the woman of the year, Getting money like a man, I’m the woman of the year,” she adds on the chorus.

Before today’s musical debut, Christie made headlines for a series of bizarre antics including continuous marriage vow renewal ceremonies with her husband. The Christies remarry every single year. This year, the two were wed at a gay nightclub to show their support for same-sex marriage. Jackie and her husband previously announced plans to produce a sex tape highlighting the romps of another couple.

Listen to Jackie Christie’s new single below. –danielle canada