Snoop Dogg Photographed Smoking Weed With Son, Corde

Few marijuana aficionados are more popular than Snoop Dogg. For two decades, the weed-loving emcee has talked about, rapped about and even acted out his love for Mary Jane. But Snoop’s love for marijuana has now rubbed some fans the wrong way now that it’s been revealed that Snoop and his son, Corde Calvin Broadus, indulge in marijuana together.

The 18-year-old Broadus once had a promising football career but dropped out of college to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a rapper under the name of Spanky Danky. But Broadus recently began showing that Snoop passed on both his love for the mic and his love for weed, when he posted several photos showing himself and his father smoking pot on his Twitter page.

One image shows Broadus lighting his dad’s bong for him, while another shows them lighting joints together side by side.

Though some fans have shrugged off the images, others have been outraged, claiming that Snoop is a “bad father.” even chastised Snoop for negatively influencing his son and derailing his college career.

However, sites like Crushable argue that critics are too worked up over Broadus’ not-so-surprising drug use and his decision to leave school.

Snoop’s shared drug use with his son doesn’t fall in line with most people’s ideals for black fathers and it’s reasonable to assume that they’ve been smoking together since before Broadus was an adult, which evokes some very unsettling feelings about Snoop’s parenting.

However, it should be noted that, for years, Snoop has been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most involved fathers, serving as community football coach and even showing off his unorthodox parenting skills for two seasons on his E! reality show “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood.”

Clearly, this is one sticky situation, and it’s unfortunate that Broadus has given up on his college dreams, which he admittedly regrets at times, for his hip-hop aspirations. But at this point, he is an (assumedly rich) adult and clearly enjoying his smoked out, rapping days with his dad. Hopefully, Broadus just steers clear of the same self-destructive path of these other Hollywood youths below. – nicholas robinson


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