Costume: The Vixen Bride

Costume ideas for the Halloween party have never been easier with the fashionable Rihanna and Lady Gaga around to inspire you.

Take a look at how Rihanna and Lady Gaga wear similar costumes in different ways, and then make your own costume just in time for Halloween.

Costume Ideas from Rihanna and Lady Gaga: RiRi’s Blushing Bride.

Costume Ideas from Rihanna and Lady Gaga: Gaga’s Blushing Bride.

Get the look: Find a disgruntled almost-bride-to-be, it may be therapeutic for her to dismantle that wedding gown for your Halloween costume. Or, create your own gown with a simple white dress and layers of well-positioned lacy table cloth. Grab a design student to assist you.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out