Wow! Steven Deuman Convicted of Orally Raping His 15-Week-Old Infant to Death

In what might be one of the most horrific sexual crimes you’ll ever read or hear about, a 26-year-old man was just convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault for orally raping his 15-week-old infant baby, which choked the baby to death, according to a CBS affiliate in Detroit.

Steven Deuman hasn’t been sentenced yet, but he’s facing life without parole in a maximum security prison. And that is the least of his worries, offers the

What did he do? He committed a crime so horrific that it is difficult to even it share it with you.

Here’s what happened: Deuman’s 15-week-old, Evelynne Deuman, was found dead last year in her father’s home, but the circumstances surrounding how she was found, and how she died, were unfathomable to most human beings. She had a condom in her mouth that was full of her father’s semen.

Prosecutors proved that Deuman raped his 15-week infant by sticking his penis in her mouth with a condom on, which cut off the baby’s air supply and suffocated the baby to death.

Deuman claimed that the little girl, barely past three-months-old, rolled out of bed and somehow sucked up a used condom that was on the floor, but the jury didn’t buy this defense.

The fact that he may spend the rest of his life in prison is not even his primary problem; it’s who’s waiting for him in prison. There are certain crimes that, interestingly enough, are frowned upon by prisoners. Inmates are notoriously unforgiving and merciless in exacting punishment on new arrivals who have been convicted of committing sexual crimes against children. And since this is much worse, his own baby who was just under 4 months old, Deuman’s life in prison may not even be a long one. But it may be a torturous one.




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