Nicki Minaj Shows Her Real Hair 

Nicki Minaj, 29, used Twitter to give her Barbies a quick look at the real mane she keeps under wraps with extensive hair extensions.

“Hate getting my hair done, I should twitpic it,” said the rapper to her 14 million followers. “Nah chill. #UglyGang wld b real mad if I twitpic’d my real hair,” she later added.

Unfortunately for the “ugly gang,” Minaj did just that after some gentle coaxing from fans and showed off at least 14 inches of long, healthy hair.

After posting the picture, which shows her hairstylist holding a few strands out for the camera, Minaj was flooded with praise. “Bless her Trinidadian roots,” wrote a fan online.

Nicki would later add that her hair is all natural and free of chemicals. Check out a picture of Nicki’s real hair below.

Do you believe the Barbie’s locks are really au naturel?  –danielle canada