Why Lil Scrappy Is Still in Jail

lil scrappy during happier times with his fiance Erica Dixon.

Lil Scrappy remains in an Atlanta-area jail after being arrested on Monday, Oct. 1 because of an admitted oversight on his part, the media reports.

The star of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” admits that he failed to check in with his probation officer stemming from a 2008 marijuana possession case from four years ago, tmz.com is reporting. But Scrappy offers that there are extenuating circumstances.

Just two weeks ago, the celebrity blog reports, Scrappy filed legal documents with the DeKalb (Ga.) County Superior Court judge in suburban Atlanta trying to get the judge to revoke the warrant for his arrest for failing to check in with his probation officer. As it turned out, Scrappy had been on a non-reporting status for the past 18 months and was not aware that a check-date had been established on Aug. 9, 2012.

Before Scrappy could get the situation resolved, he was picked up by officers and hauled off to jail. By his own testimony, Scrappy says he’s been a model probationer and would like the judge to recall the arrest warrant immediately so that he can be freed. As of now, Scrappy remains behind bars as his legal team works to rectify the matter. No word yet as to when Scrappy will even see a judge, much less get a release from jail.


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