The Houston family is in turmoil, once again, with recent news that Cissy Houston and a trustee of the estate filed legal documents requesting that the payment schedule to Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, be changed because the family fears that Bobbi is under the “undue influence” of unsavory people. Now, insiders are sharing Bobbi’s response to her surprising situation.

According to RadarOnline, Cissy has been pressuring Bobbi to end her relationship with her so-called “brother,” Nick Gordon, and now that Cissy has curbed her allowance, Bobbi is no longer speaking to her.

“Bobbi is extremely angry at her grandmother for filing legal docs asserting that she is essentially hanging around with losers and users,” said the source. “Cissy has made it known that she is extremely unhappy with the presence of Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s ‘boyfriend/brother’ in her granddaughter’s life. Right now Bobbi has absolutely no contact with her, Cissy or her aunt, Pat Houston. If Bobbi has concerns about payments from her mom’s estate, she calls her lawyer.”

Bobbi became the sole beneficiary of Houston’s estate after Houston died tragically in February of an accidental drowning associated with drug use. Now, Houston’s fortunes are becoming another rift dividing her family.

“It’s truly sad, Bobbi Kris is truly on her own right now, and has no contact with her father, or Whitney’s family. Cissy is just heartbroken about it, but knows there is very little she can do about it,” said the source.

Well, this is clearly a family feud that won’t end well. Sadly, they’re not alone. Check out some other famous family feuds below. –nicholas robinson


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