Celebrity stylist Derek J

Rolling out and CVS/pharmacy partnered to host the inaugural 2012 Mirror Mirror Beauty Awards in Atlanta to highlight 20 of the most prominent and recognized style makers in the beauty and entertainment industries including Derek J., the proprietor of the J Spot Salon and a reality TV star. Two accessories that you’ll never catch this hair artisan without are a fabulous handbag and a mean pair of high heel shoes whether he’s featured in Chris Rock’s Good Hair, as a judge on Oxygen’s “Hair Battle,” or a regular on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Having customized wigs and serving as the go-to-expert on fantasy hair, Derek J. has this to say: “Fantasy hair is wearable art. It allows the hair stylist to be creative, to do what they wanna do, to create whatever they wanna create and put it on top of somebody’s head!”

Yvette Caslin

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