Stevie J Speaks About Kissing Lil Wayne on Stage

Stevie J and Joseline respond to the video of “Stebie J” kissing on Lil Wayne on stage in a Miami club that’s gone viral in a few short hours.

A popular radio station caught up with the infamous pair of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” while they were in a recording studio in Los Angeles and asked them point blank if that was indeed Stevie J and Wayne locking lips in front of a crowd of people.

The “Chipa Sounds and Rosenberg Show with Kayy Foxx” got a hold Joseline first, who proceeded to (not surprisingly) go on a partially-coherent profanity and homophobic rant to deny that her “man” was the one captured on video kissing Wane.

Joseline: “Who does that?!? Second of all … who does that, they don’t even talk … where is the hate coming from?” she asked incredulous that this evidence was presented to her. You could only understand half of her answers as she seemed to be under the influence of some substance or another.

After the radio show hosts calmed Joseline down, she continued with her answer before Stevie J came on to set the record straight. Find out what they had to say. 

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