Man Arrested for Having Sex With Horse — Twice

A Florida farmer is wondering if Patrick Linn needs help after Linn trespassed into his property and had sex with one of his horses.

You think?!?

The problem is this: this is the second time that Linn, 44, has invaded Allen McDearmid’s barn on his farm in Gadsen, County, Fla., and had sex with one of his horses.

In 2010, the man had  sex with a stallion named Sunny.

“I would say it’s hard to believe, but I had a feeling he’d be back because I believe it’s a compulsion- type thing with him,” McDearmid told WCTV in Florida.

Linn was caught when McDearmid’s wife found lubricant smeared on the door to a stall in the barn.

McDearmid checked his surveillance cameras, “and sure enough, there he was going into the stall,” he told WCTV.

He called the cops, who arrested Linn and charged him with burglary, trespassing and sex acts with animals. He’s being held on $47,500 bond.

Linn was just released from prison in May after serving two years for breaking into McDearmid’s barn and violating one of his other horses in 2010.

He already knew there were surveillance cameras in place at the farm because that’s how he was caught the first time.

“I think he needs help,” McDearmid said.

Like, duhhhh!!!!

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