Woman Seeking Sex From Dog Has Been Arrested Again

Sarah Walker was already humiliated enough after she and her husband were arrested by authorities for soliciting sex online from a dog. But now she’s being subjected to even more personal embarrassment after being mistakingly arrested for probation violation, says gawker.com

In March, Walker was accosted by vice crime enforcement officials along with her husband and another man, when they put up a Craiglist sex ad titled “Wife looking for K9.” Since the pair were not actually caught in the act of having relations with the pooch, they got off after pleading guilty to charges of “conspiracy to commit bestiality.” Yuck!

But now the woman has been arrested again. No, it was not because the courts changed their minds and decided that the two were really sick.

Find out why Walker got arrested again by clicking going on gawker.com

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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