Someone of Stacey Dash’s stature normally does not get invited to appear on CNN for any reason whatsoever, or any news channel for that matter. The 46-year-old “Clueless” star has never been known as a political or intellectual heavyweight, has never been viewed as a philanthropist, a humanitarian nor a person who is socially or culturally conscious. In fact, Dash is known more for taking her clothes off for multiple men’s magazine than she has ever done in front of the cameras.

So the never-been-relevant actress is seen as an opportunist who publicly endorsed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in order to bring attention to herself. The woman who voted for President Obama in 2008, set off a tidal wave of an uproar from the public when she made her decision public when most stars are known to keep their political affiliations private.

Listen to her rationalization to CNN’s Piers Morgan on her decision. But if you change your mind on who to vote for based upon what this “Clueless” star has to say, then you may want to reexamine your life.

Terry Shropshire

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