These days, it’s rare to see people stop and give attention to the love life of any celebrities other than the likes of folks Rihanna and Bobbi Kristina, especially not any lesser known celebrities. But, Shaun T, the creator of the popular “Insanity” workout DVDs, stole a bit of romantic thunder this past weekend, when it was revealed that he wed his longtime boyfriend, Scott Blokker, on Oct. 13.

Shaun T, born Shaun Thompson, confirmed the news on his Twitter page yesterday, when he retweeted a friend, Alex Coloreo’s, congratulations as well as a photo of himself and his fellow groom.

“The two most amazing people in the entire world ❤ so happy for you both @blokker1 @shauntfitness,” read the tweet from @alex0reo, who shared that the wedding had a 1930s theme.

Shaun also tweeted photos of two wedding cakes, one green one with an “Amazing Race” theme for Blokker and another five-tiered white cake, for Shaun.

Congratulations to Shaun and Blokker on their wedding. Check out some other famous gay weddings below. –nicholas robinson


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  • wendell

    another black gay guy and a white dude, another stereotype about black gay men in general!

    • Dunno what ta say??!! Guess ya betta blame whitie fo turnin’ a bro into Brook Back Suga Mountain. What was wrong wit’ da hoe in da second picta’? I be gives her sum.
      Sounds like Amazin’ Race was mo like a fast track trip down the fudge hill of San Fran! Word!

      • DBranch

        haha u r so funny. I’m glad you’ve come out the closet though. The LGBT community can use a few more racist to diversify.

  • Anthony Jude Setaro
  • Salendra

    Congrat`s to this fabulous couple! We do your workouts all the time. Insanity and rockin body. You are fun energetic and deserve the best. Salendra and ramon