For one reason or another, the following individuals have become nuclear, repelling anyone who has the ability to hand them a check on a consistent basis. Some were quite naive, thinking that the checks would never stop rolling in, points out. Others, however, suffered from the ailment of too much hubris that afflicts many celebrities who are used to being catered to and who, initially, suffered no consequence for trampling over others. But, boy, how things come back when you least expect it.

Today, as these celebrities ice down their bruised and battered egos, they are probably taking inventory of their past behavior as well as the many people they’ve stiff armed and stepped on en route to the pinnacle of fame. They probably now wish they had of altered their behavior when they the chance because the very people whose hands they bit off then will not stick their arm out again to help the former famous up out of their humiliating fall into the pits of nothingness, helplessness, bankruptcy and complete obscurity. If they didn’t know it then, they are all too familiar with this age-old mantra: karma is … well … you know the rest.

Here is a list of the celebrities who are without a job and are looking for work.

Mel Gibson: Okay … let’s see. He hates Jews, gays and blacks and terrorizes his spouses and girlfriends. Other than that, he’s a very marketable actor.  

  • USArmy1181

    Funny how any black who supports a Republican is a tool of that party vice the delusional blacks who blindly follow Democrats who haven’t really done anything for them except make promises. BTW, how is that unemployment rate in the black communities these days with a black democratic President?