Yet another rapper was shot and killed the other day when hometown hero, Bizzle of Miami’s Liberty City, was executed at point-blank range by an unknown assailant who quickly disappeared into the shadows, the Miami Herald reported. The city is stunned, the surviving family is permanently paralyzed and the reason for the homicide is probably something trifling.

It got us to thinking about the multitude of hip hop heads promoting the thugged out life and flossing out of control who have been the victims of random robberies or planned ambushes. A few years ago, the Washington Times did a lengthy exposé on the many famous celebs who were shot in situations that were avoidable. We suppose some people never learn from the tragic lessons others offer.

Here is a list of rappers who, unlike Bizzle, have been shot but survived their wounds.

1. Waka Flocka Flame:

The number one reason for shooting a rapper? Robbery. In 2010, Waka Flocka was shot twice at a car wash in College Park, Ga., just outside of Atlanta, just one of the many altercations that the towering rapper has been involved in since breaking into the hip-hop game.

Terry Shropshire

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