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You never know what will happen when Tamar and Vince Herbert are around. The married couple are the epitome of unpredictability.

One moment, they are hugging, kissing and exchanging public displays of affection like high school sweethearts. A few minutes later, Tamar is upset, Vince is annoyed and they’re arguing like a longtime married couple.
Indeed, dull moments are practically nonexistent when it comes to the life and times of Tamar and Vince. And reality TV junkies were intrigued by the couple during their explosive segments on the hit show “Braxton Family Values.”

Tamar became an instant standout on the show with her off-the-cuff slang — “Get Your Life” — and propensity for referring to herself in the third person. Her marriage and working relationship with Vince, who is also her manager, helped the “Braxton Family Values” become one of the top rated reality shows on cable.

WE tv also took notice and gave the couple a spin-off show, “Tamar & Vince.”

Now viewers get a more thorough inside look on a weekly basis as Tamar works on her solo album, Vince’s success as a music mogul continues, and they argue, make up and argue, again.

The couple took time to talk about their working relationship, the quarrels and the secrets to making love last.

Let’s talk about the show, “Tamar and Vince.” What goes through your head when you’re watching the show?
Tamar: Before it airs, Vince and I both have to see [it], because we are both executive producers and we are very much … involved. There is nothing wrong with having integrity and enlightening people with class, and making sure that we don’t do anything to embarrass ourselves, our marriage, or the businesses that we are both involved in.

Vince, you have a proven track record in music. Tamar is ready to put her album out now. So what’s keeping her album from being released?
Vince: There is no big thing holding us down. I just think when you’re making any record, you want to make sure you did the best job. So when we put the record out, it represents what she stands for, what my record label stands for, and make sure she puts her best foot forward. You want to make a great album and you want to take your time and really make sure that you choose the right songs, and try to make sure that it’s something that your fans will love. You don’t want to throw something together and throw it out there and it’s horrible. That’s not representing myself or her. I wanted her to really have a good shot at what she is trying to accomplish.

Tamar, you have been doing music all your life. What’s going to make your album really stand out?
Tamar: I really don’t think about anybody else. That’s not because I want to be cocky or because I think I’m better than anybody else. I don’t want to get caught up in what everybody else is doing. I just make sure I do the music that I’m proud of, and music that I feel like I want to portray. … You know the music that I believe in, and it has nothing to do with anybody else. I don’t look at my music career as I want to be better than Brandi or Monica. We are all great singers in our own right. We’re talented and that’s just the bottom line. They do what they do, and I do what I do.

I got a chance to see all of the show’s episodes and I must admit, the show is entertaining. On one episode, Tamar you were upset that Vince played a song in front of Mindless Behavior that you were going to put out, but it was without your vocals. What upset you about that moment?

Tamar: Well. The first thing is that it caught me off guard. I just didn’t get it. I had no idea and still don’t have an idea of why he didn’t play my version of it. He said he didn’t have it, but he wanted them to hear it. I was just caught off guard. If he would have just told me in advance, I wouldn’t have had an attitude about it.

Vince, during the moment she said she was caught off guard. Why didn’t you play the version with her vocals on it?
Vince: I didn’t have that version at that particular time. And I just wanted the kids to hear her music and get excited about it. It wasn’t that serious, though.

During another segment, things got out of hand during dinner because of an Instagram picture. An argument occurred and you guys didn’t even finish dinner. How did it get to that point?
Vince: Tamar is just a jealous girl. Tamar always gets mad over something dumb.

Tamar, were you jealous at that point? Why did you get upset?
Tamar: I got upset because I asked him a specific question. Riding in the car going to dinner we were talking about Instagram because I like to Instagram. He asks me, “Did you put up a picture of me on Instagram?” And I said, “Yeah, how do you know?’ Because he does not do any type of social networking at all. He was like, “Well somebody told me.” And I’m like, “Well, who is somebody?” and he names two people. So I was like, “Which one was it, who exactly told you?” Because I just felt like they were being Instagram police. He was so annoyed by it. From a female’s standpoint we don’t do things like that. I just feel like that’s kind of crossing the line.

So Tamar, you would rather the person come to you first instead of just going to Vince and saying something?
Tamar: I just think that is kind of breaking the code. It’s a public thing and I get it. I just felt like it was a little flickery going on. I was just trying to find the point of why somebody would tell him.

Although you guys argue throughout the day, it’s very apparent that you love each other  and the bond between you is strong. Tamar, how can couples prevent things from becoming dull in the bedroom and what keeps that spark alive?
Tamar: Vince and I are really good friends and we keep our lives and communication open. On top of that, I just feel like it’s important to remain a lady. I don’t think  you should always have your head in a do-rag and a scarf. You should remain the girl they saw [on] date night. There’s nothing wrong with going to bed looking pretty or just as good as you do during the day. The communication is the really sexy part of a relationship. Because when you feel like they can just talk to you, it’s very attractive. … You don’t have to dress up, but don’t go to bed looking crazy.

Vince, you have recovered from some serious health issues. The music industry can be very stressful. How do you maintain your health and keep a level head with everything that’s going on personally and professionally?
Vince: At the end of the day, my health comes first and I really think a lot of times it took me a minute to realize that. I just take my time and make sure that I go to my doctor appointments and eat right, and really just take my time and put that first before anything else.

Tamar, what are you doing to help him maintain his health and make sure he isn’t stressed out?
Tamar: I’m really working on that stressful thing. I try to do my part in that area, but what I do is constantly remind him to put his health first and remind him to take his medicine and eat. I will make sure he has what he needs to have. I try hard to make sure I’m there for him in every way possible.

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