Michelle Obama Pens Open Letter in Support of President Obama

President Barack Obama has been hard at work over the last few weeks, as he’s been fighting to be re-elected president against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. And, while the Obama has been busy focusing on the debates and media appearances, his wife, first lady Michelle Obama, has been by his side every step of the way, and she recently wrote a letter to the first family’s supporters, explaining why they should vote for Obama, once again.

In the open letter, which was published in Elle’s November issue, Michelle shares her amazement over the astonishing journey her husband has been on for the last four years.

“When I fell in love with Barack more than 20 years ago, I knew he’d be a loving husband and a devoted father,” she wrote. “I knew he shared my determination to make a difference in other people’s lives. But I never dreamed that he’d one day be president, and I know that he didn’t either.”

“But four years ago — against all odds — I joined millions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life to vote for Barack. I didn’t do it just because we were married,” Michelle added, before listing her reasons for voting for Obama. “I voted for him because I knew he was going to stand up for women like me — and our daughters, sisters, and mothers. When I look at all he’s done since that freezing day he was inaugurated on the Capitol steps — from health care reform, to saving jobs, to fighting for women’s rights — I’m proud of how far we have come.”

Michelle then listed five reasons why fans should vote for Obama as well, including his fight for equal pay for women; Obamacare; affordable education; economic success for women; and his goal to level the playing field for all citizens, in every class.

“And I want you to know that the man I have loved for more than two decades — the man who has worked so hard for so long to move this country forward — is looking out for you every day,” she concludes.

Now, that’s some kind of spousal support. And, luckily, Michelle isn’t alone. Check out some other stars who are putting their support behind Obama. –nicholas robinson


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