Ashley Todd.

The KKK girl on fire hoax  is not the first (and sadly, it won’t be the last) time that an attention-starved citizen cries injustice.

Here then are five of the most notorious hate crimes that got the nation swept up in a frenzy, only to discover the crime was a hoax.

5. Ashley Todd, McCain Volunteer, Attacked By Angry Black Man — In Her Head

Pittsburgh: Ashley Todd, 20, was at the ATM, minding her business, when she was approached by a large black male who spotted her car’s McCain sticker. Enraged, the black male mugged Todd, gave her a black eye and carved the letter “B” into her face. He told her “you are going to be a Barack supporter.”

The black male assailant must have just watched the film The Shining, where little Danny wrote the warning, ‘redrum’ (murder spelled backwards) in the mirror, as the B on Todd’s face was written backwards as well.

After the Right Wing conservatives gave all large black men with a hatred for McCain bumper stickers a stern talking down to, the truth was revealed: Ashley Todd lied.  The B was backwards because she wrote it herself while looking in a mirror.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out