Man Sues Wife for Having ‘Incredibly’ Ugly Baby and Wins!

Divorce Is Ugly

Could you imagine marrying someone because you’re in love? But, you find out after you’ve had your children that your husband had another reason for marrying you — your good looks. Or what he thought were “your” good looks. He later finds out that you’ve had intense cosmetic surgery and your appearance has been altered, tremendously.

There was a recent decision in China handed down, according to, that required a Northern Chinese woman to pay her husband Jian Feng $120,000 for seducing him with her good looks that she paid for. She failed to disclose that she had plastic surgery.

Feng was upset their children were “incredibly ugly.” Initially, he assumed that his wife cheated.

He later realized the “ugly” baby resembled its mother  – pre-plastic surgery. The courts determined that she deceived Feng to marry her under “false pretenses.”

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