A reported pregnant teen Beyoncé
Photo Credit: Bossip.com


In 2008 a photo surfaced seemingly showing Beyoncé pregnant at 15. Bossip.com readers weighed in and one in particular had this to say in the comment section:

“The rumor is indeed true. I was a friend of Beyonce in grade school and I remember the “first” time she was preggo. We were in the 8th going to 9th grade and her boyfriend at the time Lindell got her preggo. She was shocked but happy and she knew her father wouldnt approved because of their christian beliefs.They didnt belief of abortions so when she had the baby he made her give the baby girl(12 know) up to his sister in Houston. The second time was when Bee was in destiny’s child, the group was named after her daughter Destiny.When she found out she was perggo again( by the same guy)this time she had to get an abortion because of her career just starting up.

Avid Beyoncé fans wanted to hear no parts of that rumor and have since claimed Photoshop.

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