It wouldn’t be Halloween without a crazy outfit and it wouldn’t be a Chris Brown moment without some unnecessary drama. So, what happens when you combine the two? An absolute mess happens. Brown just can’t seem to do right, as new Halloween photos show the singer dressed as a Middle Eastern terrorist for the ghoulish holiday.

Brown tweeted the offensive photo last night, which shows him and his crew of friends all dressed in Middle Eastern clothing and sporting long beards and mustaches and brandishing assault rifles. And, to top it all off, Brown captioned the photo, “ain’t nobody f—ing wit my clique!!!”

Well, apparently, lots of angered fans, especially those of Middle Eastern decent are “f—king” with his clique and have lashed out at Brown and his friends for their culturally offensive outfits.

“My nationality is not like that and my nationality is not a costume for you to wear @chrisbrown how disrespectful!” wrote one person of Arabian decent.

“Chris Brown [is] trying to break the record of Most Bad Decisions Made In A Row,” said another commentator.

Although, Brown may not have intended to offend anyone, he clearly failed to think about the tense relationship that the U.S. has with the Middle East in the midst of our war on Iraq and the recent September attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, stemming from religious uproar over an anti-Islamic film.

And, his costume doesn’t at all help to stop our nation’s rampant stereotypes about Muslims and Middle Eastern people that tie their communities to international terrorism.

But, then again, a controversy like this may just seem like another day in the dramatic life of Brown. Sadly, he’s not the only celeb to have a culturally insensitive moment. Check out some other offensive costumes and characters below. –nicholas robinson


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