Hunky actor Shemar Moore has been accused of having an imperfection removed from his nose’s bridge, but we can’t tell if that’s true. What do you think?

9. Shemar Moore

Altered Identity, and a host of other blog sites devoted to the famous noses are rolling out a fresh new list of male stars who appear to have had some work done. Some of these guys look aged to perfection (we’re looking at you, Shemar), whereas others seem to have had some nipping and tucking going on. What do you think?

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

  • Carl Mape

    Ryan Gosling does NOT even look like the same person. His nose looks crooked before-nose looks good now.

  • 6Cinnamongirl3

    Patrick Dempsey was almost homely prior to his nose job.

  • Xilian

    Celebrity Nose Jobs are very common in Hollywood but gaga don’t have it. Seems she loves nature.