Brooke Bailey Admits To Beating Up Jackie Christie 

After Monday’s episode of ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’, a number of viewers were left scratching their heads and wondering what really happened between two of its feistiest cast members. Brooke Bailey and Jackie Christie apparently came to blows during the program, but thanks to VH1 editing, the entire incident was taken out. After cutting away from the scene, a frazzled Christie was seen being rushed away by production crew while Brooke Bailey was pushed in the oppositie direction wearing a broken necklace and torn t-shirt. Many fans surmised that the much younger starlet had overtaken her costar but according to Christie herself, that’s completely untrue. “No I did not get my booty whipped, lol” wrote the TV star on Twitter.

Unfortunately for the ‘oh so adamant’ Christie however, her sparring partner is telling a much different story. Brooke Bailey recently sat down with to speak on their battle and revealed that she was indeed the victor. “Jackie Christie threw the first kick and after that I beat her a– PERIOD!!! NONE of my cast members can “Beat my a–!,” said the confident starlet. “Do I feel bad about about fighting Jackie? Of course, she’s close to my mother’s age and I was taught to always respect my elders. Going forward can we be cool? Yes, she’s crazy and I like crazy. But, I’ve got to admit the commentary on Twitter had me cracking up.”

Since the airing of the Brooke Bailey/Jackie Christie fight several memes have popped up online including one that calls Bailey ‘Hair Weave Killa’ for the damage she did to her cast member’s mane. Rapper 2 Chainz refers to himself as the ‘hair weave killa’ in several of his songs. -danielle canada