Fantasia denies rumors of a nose job

Few celebrities know the burn of the gossipy media better than Fantasia. Every facet of her life has been the subject of extreme scrutiny ever since she won “American Idol” nearly a decade ago. And, although the singer has seemingly become used to the rumors and gossip, she recently fired back at the massively popular gossip site after they posted a rumor that she had a nose job.

MediaTakeOut sparked rumors earlier this week that Fantasia had a nose job and lost weight, when they posted a photo of Fantasia from her Instagram page, hanging out with her friends in Las Vegas.

However, Fantasia quickly spoke out against the rumor and posted an Instagram photo to refute any claims that she had plastic surgery done to any part of her body.

“So media takeout stated I had a nose job but once again the lies keep coming. This time I brushed it off but wanted to say I am a TRUE black women with great featured thanks to my mother & dad,” wrote Fantasia in a message attached to the Instagram photo.

Fantasia also talked about her weight loss, saying that she’s on a “wellness plan.”

“I am on a serious wellness plan & everything is steadily changing!!” said Fantasia. “So don’t stroke ME & THEN in same sentence you attempt to tear ME down. So that there is no confusion, follow me on my instagram etc.”

Well, Fantasia may be al natural, but a host of other stars have decided to go under the knife for a new look. Check out some stars that have had plastic surgery below. – nicholas robinson


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