Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, the infamous and prolific video vixen who put the entire rap game on full blast in a best-selling tell-all book, is now joining the cast of “Basketball Wives L.A.” It was a fortuitous set of events, because we had just listed her extremely long list of sexual conquests without knowing that she was going to be on the show.

However, because the first list contained so many rappers and basketball players, we couldn’t squeeze it all into one story, which is why we are revisiting this topic today.

Another interesting twist to this story is this: Shaunie O’Neal, who was married to NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, is the one who extended the invitation to Superhead. And Superhead did not have kind words about Shaq’s sexual prowess. But I suppose it didn’t matter to Shaunie since they had five children together.

So, before Superhead joins the cast of “BBWLA,” we need to list the second batch of celebrities lovers that she’s already discussed in excruciatingly descriptive and vulgar terms. And, we warn you: this list is even longer than the first.

NOTE: We cannot write the exact words that Superhead used to describe her lovers as this is a family publication, so we substituted her raw, vulgar descriptions with kinder and cleaner characterizations that mean the same thing.

1. Mystikal – More than adequate

Terry Shropshire

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  • NegRican24

    DAMN!!!!!! Couldn’t you guys just put that all on one page, my hand is cramping. She has fuked EVERYBODY in the rap world, HOW is that POSSIBLE?!!! I feel sorry for her son and G. Rap is a piece of sh!t for not getting custody and saving his son.

  • Naijaqueen

    Karrine has slept with too many people. This is not even funny anymore!

  • sexxy n pink

    Ludacris must of paid her azz a pretty penny cuzz all the groupies say his ass is wiggyed wiggyed wack….

    • Dflex23

      Really ass much shit ass he talks in songs

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    Some of it sounds like she’s making isht up. Sure, she may have done them all but who remembers that many.

  • Katrina

    Cot damn with each click of continue I was sure I was done but NO there was more, what nasty varmint she is. And what did all this get her? Nothing really just adding to her dead spirit.

  • Samantha McClush

    Okay.. The numbers of how many men she had sex with are just ridiculous! How are you able to have so many precise opinions of all these men you slept with?… Like, how the hell can you keep up?!? XD No one that’s great at being a slut..

  • Marilyn Pena

    Gross, big pun , ghost face. Just too many and she did all members of groups :/ missy and da brat is there anyone left? How about Flava flav, old dirty bastard I wonder since she has no standards and will do everyone and anyone. shame really

  • Marilyn Pena

    Maybe the guys are well hung and not whack sometimes, its that her hole is so stretched.

  • lavetteDI

    With all of those motherf :O ckers that have been in and out of her,how can she tell the difference? Dat ho is washed and used up.I’m pretty sure if you ask some of the ppl who she called out on this list,they would give her a rating of way below adequate which equals=F-

  • Jeremy Burnette

    Who hasn’t she slept with? The Brat and Missy too huh..crazy. I believe she would do a snake if someone would hold it’s head.

  • Joe Broadnax

    If you know about #1, why would you even put your penis in her? This many gys equates to “nasty”. The list is not complete because we know she did Bill Maher