Frank Ocean shares intimate photo of himself and Willy Cartier

For weeks, people have been wondering about what’s really going on between Frank Ocean and now-famous French model Willy Cartier. Are they working together? Are they dating? Are they just friends or what? As expected, Ocean hasn’t been forthcoming with any answers, on Dec. 3, he sent the internet into a frenzy when he released an intimate photo of himself and Cartier.

Shortly after midnight, Ocean posted an Instagram photo of a video still of Cartier standing behind him, hugging him gently, in front of what appears to be a scenic view from a hilltop.

Ocean captioned the photo, “Archives.”

Although many are assuming that the photo is proof that Cartier is indeed Ocean’s boyfriend, it may actually be proof of the opposite.

According to an article from Hint Magazine that was published around the time of the initial Ocean-Cartier dating rumors, Cartier is reportedly straight and not dating Ocean. The article also reveals that Ocean and Cartier met through a mutual friend, who helped Cartier set up a deal to appear in an upcoming music video from Ocean.

There’s no word yet on which Channel Orange track the video was shot for, but we expect that it will boast even more gossip-worthy scenes between the two men.

Of course, Ocean isn’t the only one whose love life is under a microscope. Check out some other stars with popular love lives below. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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