Heidi Russo gave up her 6-week-old biracial son Colin for adoption in Milwaukee in 1987, when she was 18 years old.

His adoptive parents Rick and Teresa Kaepernick attempted to keep her engaged in his childhood and would send Russo photos of her biological son until he was age seven. Then they lost contact. Colin is a rising quarterback, who plays for San Francisco 49ers, and is being touted by sports pundits as “big time.”

As his celebrity status continues to grow, so does Russo’s yearning to be a part of Colin’s life.

Unfortunately, Colin does not share the same level of interest. Early on, he did inquire about his biological father, but Russo had no answers or information.

Now a registered nurse and mother of an 8-year-old son, Russo, 44, met with the Kaepernicks several months ago and she’s tried to engage Colin on Twitter, but to no avail.

Russo isn’t the only famous athlete with an estranged or absent parent.

Yvette Caslin

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