50 Cent has proven to have an eclectic taste in women. He has spanned the spectrum when it comes to dates, but the one thing he wants all his dates to have is their own sense of direction and ideas about life.

“I like women that have their own ideas,” Curtis Jackson said on the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” “I like when they have information that I don’t have. So it’s points that I can learn something in coversation without going to Google. Not necessarily [topics] in business or whatever, things that I’m interested in. If they have a different area of business that I’m in, then I’ll pay attention to it a little more so I have some input but I like when they have their own thing.”

Whether some of these women fit that criteria is a topic for debate, but one thing is for sure — he has looked for this characteristic in a wide variety of women that he has been linked with over the past several years, as you can see below.

Terry Shropshire

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