Wanda Smith announces departure from V-103

Following in the footsteps of her cohost, Wanda Smith has announced her departure from V-103 Atlanta. As previously reported by Terry Shropshire, Frank “Ski” Rodriguez decided to leave the “Frank and Wanda Morning Show” after 14 years. He and Smith reportedly traveled to New York to meet with CBS radio executives to discuss the possibility of national syndication. Those talks apparently broke down.

At around 8:05 a.m. Smith made the announcement that like Ski, her tenure at ‘The People’s Station’ was over. “I’ll never forget the day I was approached by someone real special at the time, the Program Director was Tony Brown,” said Smith. ” I was performing at a nightclub on Memorial Drive. The nightclub grew from 50 people to 1,000 people doing my comedy show. […} He [the program director] was impressed. I was nervous about doing radio because I had never done radio before. I was a natural, I was funny and that’s what he [the program director] liked about me. […] I came to Atlanta 15 years ago and 15 years later I’ve adopted Atlanta as  my home. It’s been fun, it’s been overwhelming. I can honestly say that Atlanta has been good to me. They love me. Over the years there have been good times, bad times and everything in between. […]

“A great deal is owed to my brother, my husband in radio Frank Ski. I’m so proud to say that I couldn’t have done it without him. He showed me how to travel the world. The Frank and Wanda Morning Show has been number one for 15 years and I feel that my job has been well done. The support of my program director Reggie Rouse, thank you so much. To all of the people at V-103, thank you all. You’re only as good as your leader. WHich leads me to say thank you to Rick Caffe for always believing in me in doing my job. This doesn’t mean that it’s the end, it’s the beginning for me and my family. I have worked so hard and now it’s time to focus on my family,” said Smith. ”

Before her time at V-103 WVEE Smith revealed that she worked at a children’s home for adolescents with AIDS in Florida. She apparently was also working to become a corrections officer.

Check out photos of Wanda Smith’s tenure at V-103 below. -danielle canada