Bow Wow still in love with Angela Simmons?

They say that holidays are the times to be with those we love and reminisce about those we lost, and the latter certainly rang true for rapper Bow Wow who recently sent a post-Christmas love message to his ex-girlfriend, Angela Simmons.

Bow Wow and Angela were once a couple a few years back, but after being on-and-off for some time, they eventually broke up and Bow Wow moved on and even had a daughter. But, it looks like his heart is still stuck on Simmons because the day after Christmas he tweeted a sentimental post about her.

“I woke up and she was the first person I thought of….next to my Momma she is the best woman I encountered,” he tweeted, along with an old photo of him and Simmons.

Simmons didn’t directly respond to Bow Wow, but she did post a cryptic tweet that seemed to be about him and his undying love.

“You will always attract to yourself whatever it is you think of all day,” she wrote. “My attraction for another starts inside. Your beauty on the inside is what makes me like/love you. #TrueLove”

Well, it doesn’t look like Bow Wow’s love may be unrequited, but he’s not the only star that’s had a hard time letting go of an ex. Check out some other love-struck stars below. – nicholas robinson


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  • Ms. L
    December 28, 2012

    Amen Angela Simmons, Amen. That’s right girlfriend stay away from him or he will have you pay IRS, Child Support and other bills. That dude don’t love you. If he really loves you, he should have claim you along time ago. But no, he have go and cheat on by hoeing around and making babies. That boy has alot of growing up to do. His main focus right now should be being a daddy and taking care of his daughter and raise her up like A REAL MAN SHOULD. Stay away from him. In fact stay away from his people including his so-called homeboys and his mom. You can do better girlfriend. I know you can. You just have to have faith. May The Lord Bless You along with your family. Blessed.

    • Ms L
      December 28, 2012

      right now, that little girl Shai needs a family…. or she will grow up hating on her own daddy. Bow better step it up.

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