Katt Williams and Suge Knight in club brawl hours after Katt’s release

Well, it looks like Katt Williams string of wild antics and arrests won’t be stopping any time soon. Hours after Williams was released from him most recent jail stint the troubled comedian was caught in the middle of a nightclub brawl between violent bad boy Suge Knight and a group of rowdy men.

According to TMZ, the brawl happened outside of Eden nightclub in Hollywood and was videotaped by onlookers. In the video, Knight, who is dressed in a tan, long-sleeve shirt, can be seen going after someone while the brawl is going on full blast. Meanwhile, Williams is seen walking away from the violence and moving behind a dumpster.

As the camera pulls back, Knight walks away from the brawl, towards Williams direction, and is then seen punching a man in the face. As the crowd moves towards Knight, Williams maneuvers behind the dumpsters and walks away toward a black SUV as an unknown man in pink tries to chase him down.

Williams makes it into his SUV before the man can reach him, and Knight gets into a white SUV and speeds off. However, as he drives away, Knight nearly barrels into a crowd of people and one witness even claims that Knight ran him over and that Williams is to blame.

Unfortunately, Williams and Knight aren’t the only celebs who were in brawl fights in recent times. Check out some other celebrity nightclub brawls below. – nicholas robinson


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