Laz Alonso: Hollywood leading man stars in NBC’s ‘Deception’

Word and Images by DeWayne Rogers

The Traveler

Life is good if you’re Lazaro “Laz” Alonso. Not only are you set to play FBI Agent Will Moreno in the highly anticipated NBC series “Deception,” but you’re also spending most of your spare time bouncing around the globe, immersing yourself in foreign cultures and acting as a travel ambassador for American Airlines and their travel portal So as Alonso takes a moment to admire the artistry of the Escadaria Selarón steps in Rio de Janeiro, the gravity of his life’s accomplishments suddenly begin to wash over him like a wave of euphoria.

“Being able to travel and see the world really makes me appreciate the blessings in my life,” he says in thoughtful reflection. “There are so many people that will never get a chance to see some of the things that I’ve seen during my travels. I’ll never take that for granted.”

Moments like this happen often while on the road with Alonso as rolling out discovered on our travels with the award-winning actor. From La Romana to Cabo to Rio, you can always count on a moment where Alonso takes a step back to think about and absorb the blessings of being a serious player in Hollywood. One such moment came two weeks before our exploration of Brazil, as our bus rode through a small Dominican village where the neighborhood leaders had gathered everyone to hold a dance competition in an effort to keep the kids off the streets. As the van drove by, Alonso asked the driver to pull over to give him an opportunity to speak to the kids.

DeWayne Rogers
DeWayne Rogers

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  2. It’s not a good look for her doing all this press because it’s coming off like she’s using her and Chris’ relationship to gain publicity about the line….Totally not necessary. Just because Chris did that video DOES NOT mean Kae has to do all these interviews. The more she talks the less interesting she becomes.

    1. She has the right to say why she wants. After everything they put her through she has the right. Plus if you see her other interview all she says is that she wants to keep her personal life to herself and that’s what she is doing. She doesn’t go into any detail. I bet your a Rihanna fan.

        1. Right. She say one thing then do another contradicting creature. and did you hear the part where she says chris was her best friend? See… its like she is obsessed delusional or something I can never understand why her fans and probably her behind the accounts on twitter was mimmicking that video she dissed rih on youtube. She is a opportunist that Knew Chris weakness and got to comfortable. I’m just let God though that’s all…Just…I hope chris don’t answer questions anymore about this and I sure in the hell know rih want. What’s understood don’t have to be explained. What Rih and Chris understands should not have to be explained to us.

          1. I hope you’re not a rihanna fan because Rihanna does the same thing. She will talk about how ppl need to mind their business yet will post pics & stuff of her & Chris in bed. Also that video Karrueche made was b4 her & Chris were even together & she was making fun of Asian accent.

          2. Did you read the part where I said I could never understand why her and her ppl was mimicking the video around the time when everything first started happening IF it was just suppose to be part of an Asian accent. She had no fans it was nothing but her ppl behind fake accounts talking crazy to the chrianna fans. And what I don’t get. see I would have felt sorry for her but what I don’t get is that she didn’t walk away she goes and makes a group too like grow up but she mature right fighting over a man neither is mature in this situation. Let the man choose and be happy why did Kae want to stay and make it harder for him when Rih said on oprah they were in St. Tropez together than that would have been my Q to just leave.. So please. sweetie. And Rihanna is saying ppl need to mind there business thats meaning she gone do her she don’t give anyfucks just mind your business. Do Kae fans understand the things they be saying sometime. this is not Rihanna vs Kae thing because if thats what yall trying to make it out to be then its nothing but yall wanting revenge your not God. sit down.

        2. are u serious? any and everybody talks about their sexual life and what they like, thats not nothing new. have you heard a twitter? thats where its all being talked about. ya’ll jus try to find any and every reason to talking negative about this girl.

      1. Nobody has put her through anything. She could have run off in October 2012 when it became so public. She chose to stay so don’t say they put her through something because nobody did. She just wanted to stay. If things were thrown at her face it is because she did not run away when she had to.

  3. unadulterated dribble….. love how the whole article spinned and made ms tran out to be a victim but please…. i am not fan of rihanna and i can readily list the things wrong she did but to act like ms tran was blind to the truth of the matter is ridiculous. all anyone had to do was look and listen to chris these last three years and there would be no doubt or question as to where his heart was… it was always with rihanna so to make it seem like ms tran was blindsided by the truth is funny at best.

    whatever this triangle [it’s never been a triangle] is it is because of three people and their lack of decisions. i won’t take the time to even comment on this supposed clothing line because she can try to spin it how she wishes but it’s a copy off a kill brand clothing and until that is cleared up there won’t be a line… shocked she actually mention ugo and mimi this time but then again the development and creation of the line changes every time she talks about it…. and as for the pics………. you all did her no favors….

    1. You’re so right. Chris even did a song with Rihanna where she obviously was dissing Kae. Her doing the clothing line is something that typical LA people do just to brag to their friends about it… Everything about her is a yawn fest.

  4. This is BS! So the article is about Rihanna but not the man that hurt her? She is weak and there is no sympathy for her relationship with Chris that was always open. Lol

  5. She wants stay positive but your posing half naked on a cover. Thats what confuses me about this young lady is that she say one thing but actions show another. These women are lost these days do anything for fame I guess. KNOW YOUR IDENTITIY or you will forever be lost insecure. The magazine just used you and you sitting up here telling them a sob story if they really cared for you they would have told you to keep your clothes on. If you want anybody to remember you instead of playing along this delusional triangle everyone is speaking of. Should have been the bigger person and walked away ages ago. Not make fan groups and pose for magazines milking the situation. Instead you doing what every other draya amber rose to name a few has did. Thats nothing new ppl remember you because you did the odds not being ignorant following the trend Trying to make a name for yourself off a hard working entertainer who went through blood sweat and tears and you just come use their name. I really hope rih don’t pay these fools anymore mind. and anybody else associated with rih…

  6. I want Ri to do an interview, she would tell the truth about kae and chris’s fake relationship. This is a payoff… How do you refuse to talk about the man that hurt you? I guess the price is right… Its just weird…….

  7. Ppl acting like Karrueche doesn’t have the right to speak, she has every right just like Rihanna does however Riri would never speak on this love triangle that they are all involved in because it is an embarrassment to her but at least Kae is being honest. And stop acting like she held Chris hostage for 2 years he stayed with her of his own free will and continues to be involved with her of his own free will. They all have choices in this mess and like Kae said it is what it is no excuses. It’s their life and they will figure it out.

  8. I hate that people come here and still has a negative comment. The way you guys hate her I would think she did something to YOU personally. Whatever “15 minutes of fame” she has, she didn’t ask for it. The only reason she’s doing interviews is because its good for her line. You know that’s true because the girl was QUIET the entire time. People find it much easier to hate her and for what? You act like SHE went into CB & Ri’s relationship and ruined it. Give the girl a break man. Learn to stop judging people!!

    1. If she wants the public to know about the line then she should talk about THE LINE and not a relationship that is over and dead. It’s annoying on her part when she’s constantly using Chris’ name everytime she opens her mouth

          1. Not hardly “everyone’s” as you stated…

            And for those who do pay attention. What’s the overall assessment? That Karrueche’s NOT self-respecting…and that she’s addicted to, perhaps, Chris Brown but definitely addicted to what’s in his pockets and how such provides her…


            And whether it’s true…on another site dated April 1, 2011 at 6:46 p.m., a poster who expressed to be a mutual friend of a friend of Karrueche’s, – the post stated that Karrueche is a whore who has been with numerous males… And also, on said site, it’s reported that she got attention for disrespecting Chris Brown’s mother and for being very rude. For those so inclined, the link is below…


          2. you are a dumb ass if u believe anything you read or see on the internet. she has haters that wants to make her look bad, so of course ppl r gonna say anything out their mouth and all it takes it dumb ass, gullible ass ppl like you to believe it and run with it. have a mind of your own and stop letting anonomous sources, blogs and the media cloud your mind about something they dont know about. smh

          3. Ms. M –

            You’re obviously NOT reading and comprehending, as I’ve NOT once stated that I believe everything that I read on the Internet…

            I simply expressed what I read and for those inclined…to go read it, as well.

            I believe what I read, in that instance…

            Some disagree… Such is life…

    2. lol I personally dont even know who this woman is but I can say this..the picture of her on the cover is quite tasteless …no class whatsoever …she truly could of done the interview WITHOUT exposing all her goodies (looking like a teenage girl) I just dont understand the reasoning behind a half naked picture for an interview sharing your new clothes line..and I am not a hater lol my comment is my opinion and it is what it is

  9. Hi –

    Outwardly, Karrueche is stunning but the almost nude photos don’t add to her and what’s she doing…

    She could have kept clothes on and presentation would have truly been quality…

    Inwardly, she’s holding on to Chris, and what finances, attention, and connections that he provides. The best move for Karrueche is to get a job that provides STEADY income for her to support her basic needs…

    If she desires to model, cool, but on the side because it’s NOT likely that such gigs will pay her enough to steadily sustain her basic needs. And The Kill is NOT going to profit…

      1. You’re entitled to believe what is NOT true about me. And for a good look at pathetic – the next time Karrueche gets her view from a mirror – that’s what will be looking back at her…

        She has a clothing line that WON’T profit. And she has an addiction to Chris Brown and what’s in his pockets… Karrueche has an intense jealousy and major insecurities relative to Rihanna, etc.


        What I have is priceless – self-respect, wisdom, truth, etc.

        That’s a bunch of what’s TRULY the most meaningful.

      2. And:

        …a poor man is better than a liar. – Proverbs 19:22 – KJV

        Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; — Ecclesiastes 9:15 – KJV

  10. Hi –

    Some folks have expressed that Karrueche is a victim… On two
    sites, it’s been posted that she ditched her boyfriend for Chris Brown.
    One site expressed that she ditched him and was seen with Chris Brown
    the next day…

    Perhaps some media folks will interview Karrueche’s ex boyfriend…if he’s so inclined…

  11. Half y’all dumb as hell!! Rihanna posed nude on the cover of GQ. Karrueche is wearing nude lingerie & theres a problem! Chris & Rihanna are both Trash! He should have never gotten involved with her if he knew he still had feelings for Rihanna. The only reason ppl hate on Kae is because she’s stayed silent & y’all dont know her business. Unlike Rihanna who’s insecure and has to flaunt her “friendship” with Chris.

    1. Hi –

      On two sites, it mentions that Karrueche ditched her boyfriend for Chris Brown. One site stated that she ditched her boyfriend one day and was seen the next day with Chris.

      It would be interesting to know what that ex has to express about Karrueche.

      1. Those are websites. Why do you believe everything you read on the web? The ex never stepped forward to say anything. The girl has been quiet the whole time so of course they’re going to make things up about her. Everyone is threatened by the unknown & she is the unknown.

          1. Girl we don’t even care anyway we just gone remain positive. Everything will come to light just let God.

    2. Only difference is that this girl is idk she even told a fan to take the pic down she don’t like it so I’m confused about her she wants to be a positive person but posing nude ooook. At least Rih has said I don’t care about being a role model because I’m not perfect I make mistakes Keep it REAL, but you have this girl that wants to be a role model goes and do things that are so stupid. phony. And you really shouldn’t call Chris trash because kae knew she knew all along she just wanted her happiness. NOW she decides to speak when she didn’t get her truth. I would have been happy I don’t have to live a lie anymore and stayed silent. But I guess how about you go give your friend some advice and stop coming over here. obviously yall think because Chris is Chris Brown he not human. Aint nobody got time for that sit down.

  12. She been silent & private this whole time. She has a clothing line coming out so of course she’s going to start doing more press now. Now that ppl have the chance to pry into her world it’s only natural they’re going to ask about this stupid triangle. She could’ve did what most do & wrote a book about her relationship with Chris. She could’ve threw Chris under the bus & made a fortune but she didn’t. She remained loyal to a person who wasn’t loyal to her. If for no other reason ppl need to respect her for that alone.

  13. Hi –

    Chris Brown pled guilty to felony assault and now he stands in support of a
    line called The Kill. That ain’t no misdemeanor foolish action. It
    has failure written all over it.

    If he doesn’t pull out of that bum – The Kill – deal, Chris’ association with a
    product line with such a name is going to further damage his

  14. I am 100%certain that this Sandra Hicks person is on Rihanna’s payroll enlisted to bash and slander Kae’s name on blog bc the way he/she is always the first to comment on blogs about this woman, and its always in the same format and tone is scary. I love Kae and the positivity she has exuded throughout the entire ordeal and I have been following the story because I want her to overcome and be vindicated in the end but even I am not that eager to comment on every post. It is funny to me. Anyways, Kae you are beautiful in and out and your spirit shines. Forget what any of these naysayers say because it is God who carves out your destiny and so long as you remain true to you. He shall make your enemies your footstool. He has set you on a path of success and that is why these jealous and envious ones are mad so through all the bull, just know that a greater light is shining and this is just a fraction of all the blessings that God has in store for you. Keep it up, lady

    1. I am sorry but I am not a kae hater and I am not for rih either but don’t put God in this mess. God cannot and will not bless people who live a life of fornication, licentiousness, debauchery, and scandal. She can’t expect to receive blessings from above yet she is playing a double life. Just as I posted on CB’s blog. He gets into so much trouble. right now he is facing this dilemma whether Frank Ocean will sue him because of the brawl they had in the parking lot. You have to turn your life to Jesus, stop cursing and swearing and talking so much nonsense on twitter and stop posting nude pictures on instagram. Sorry, but God is not going to bless that kind of life. I don’t know what kind of light shining you’re talking about but it can’t be God’s light. God does have blessings in store for people but if they obey his commandments. That’s it.

  15. Hi –

    Is Karrueche really a victim?

    – On April 1, 6:46 p.m. and April 21, 2011 – 5:31 p.m. – May 5, 2011 – 7:22 a.m.

    A poster with the tag Guest said about Karrueche:

    …whore…disrepecting Chris Brown’s mother,…very rude,…

    – On May 5, 2011 – 9:35 p.m. One of Karrueche’s former classmates using the tag xclassmateofKAETRAN – from Jr and High School – expressed about Karrueche:

    …rude, very possessive, gets jealous easily,…

    Note: Site to read the above and more about Karrueche:

    On that site, it also mentions that Karrueche is known for gold digging…

    Is the information true? Hmmm…

  16. its sad and pathetic that she cant even live her own life without your evil haters , if these people so called dont like why are they even visiting her pages pictures twitter or interviews , she must be a threat and its crazy she still remaining strong KAE i love you baby girl you ACTUALLY is a perfect example of IGNORING PURE IGNORANCE . . . IG: xkhee . . . i pray for a follow one day (: #chrae

  17. i did not know that she was SO cute!!! her pics don’t do her justice because she is sooo adorable. granted, she has the body of a young child, which is kind of….i can’t think of a word for it. anyway, watching this interview definitely changed my view of her. i wish her well.

  18. it’s so funny how so many people say she is a nobody or she’s irrevelant but yet find the time and energy to find aricles, blogs, be in her mentions, ig comments. yall find every little thing to be wrong. her cover is beautiful even tho she doesnt like the pic or whateva but because is half naked it’s a problem. there are many celebs that poses naked on the cover of a magazine, hell rihanna pose naked any and everywhere but only kae get talked about and she’s not even completely naked. ya’ll wanna talk about her interview, she’s not doing anything wrong. she’s not bad mouthing chris or rihanna, she’s keeping her mouth closed cause like she said, ” I KEEP MY PERSONAL LIFE PERSONAL” or something like that. it’s not her fault that people wanna be nosey and be in her personal business. i mean ya’ll making it seem like she came up with the questions and sent them to every interview she’s done. leave the girl alone and stop TRYNA bring her down cause as you can see it’s not working, ya’ll cant bring her spirit down. congrats kae on everything thats coming your way and keep giving these haters a reason to be mad. lmao

    1. Hi – @Ms. M –

      Yep! we hate what doesn’t make good sense…like depending on a man for support when you’re not his wife or child…

      And we hate that a grown woman doesn’t appear to have enough self-respect to leave a man who publicly dumped her…

      And we hate that Karrueche disrespected Chris Brown’s mother…

      1. who said she was dependin on any man? did she? no so how do YOU know what she’s doin cause last time i checked she already had a job and money(she worked as a stylist which is how she met chris). No one knows who dumped who nor do we know whats really going on. the fact that you’re old enough to be kea’s grandma by looks of your pic is jus sad. you should be worrying bout your own love life instead of talkin negative about someone who can careless about your negativity and doesnt let it affect her.and when did kae disrespect mama joyce? you’re one gullible ass lady. stop gettin your info from blogs and the media cause they dont no anything . im not gon kee goin with this cause i see you’re #TEAM DELUSIONAL aka chrianna

        1. Yep! She HAD a steady job… HAD…

          It was on various news outlets months ago, – Chris Brown DEFINTELY said that he was breaking up with K because of his friendship with Rihanna.

          My age doesn’t cancel the truth… People of all ages know and tell truth. Folks with good sense KNOW that…

          I’m NOT WORRIED about anything. I’m expressing truths and will CONTINUE to do so. Your approval is a non-factor in the matter of what I think, say or do..

          No, I’m NOT gullible but rather VERY WELL INFORMED.
          You are deceived and can certainly choose to remain in such a state…

          Of course, you’re entitled to believe what is incorrect about me and to post lies about me, as you have done…
          Yep! Your choice. While I continue to express truth, anyhow!

  19. I’d be surprised if anyone hated Kae, didn’t give anyone reason to. However people empathised with Ri a lot more because of the incidents and her feelings where all up in it.

  20. Man-o-man, oh-man! Sure are a lot of replies for this post.
    You know what really makes me mad about this? It’s NOT Ms. Tran. It’s the fact I can’t find this edition of Rolling Out on the streets of Chicago!
    Somebody isn’t making the deliveries for RO. I’M MAD!

  21. I think she is a beautiful individual and people can just keep posting links to unreliable websites that spread lies about people daily, but you don’t know what is in anyone else’s head or heart. People say one thing and do another all the time. It’s life. If you dislike Kae just don’t search her name and don’t comment on blogs about her. Simple. Since people want to research her so bad, how about you research these sources that never have a neme but always have something to say to unreliable websites. Not saying she is a victim. Just saying, everyone makes mistakes ESPECIALLY when you are not use to your every move being photographed, looked at through a microscope, and used against you. Why scrutinize her for every little mistake she makes? Before you judge, are you perfect? Is the person you look up to perfect? “Don’t judge ANYONE just because their sins are different than yours”

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