Honey Cocaine reacts to boyfriend Freddy E’s suicide

Honey Cocaine expressed condolences on Twitter for her former boyfriend, Freddy E, who committed suicide and tweeted about it just before he pulled the trigger. She also used the social media platform to swat away some of the hate from his fans and those who say that his suicide is somehow her fault.

Freddy E was apparently deeply in love with Honey Cocaine, even after Honey Cocaine clarified the status of their relationship on social media. But while we don’t know the details of their relationship or how long they were together, Freddy apparently felt he could not live without Honey and was obsessed with her based on a video that he made for her.

In the video, which Honey posted on her Twitter, Freddy talks about Honey being extremely loyal and talking to her on a daily basis.

Despite it all, yesterday before Freddy’s death, Honey used her Twitter account to state that she was officially single.



Fellow celebrities mourned Freddy E.’s passing. Now see what Honey Cocaine says about ex-lover Freddy E’s suicide. 

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