Coco Austin takes another sexy photo with a fan

After being criticized for taking a series of sexy photos with a man that was not her rap star husband Ice-T, a sexy swimsuit model is once again  coming under fire. Coco Austin who recently made her debut at Las Vegas’ Peep Show burlesque program, is being blasted for a racy picture of her with a “fan.”

A man named Moose Diesel recently took to social media to show off a picture of him gripping the backside of the curvaceous starlet  during a night on the town. Unfortunately for him however, Coco was less than pleased with the photo and has asked him to take it down. “Hey this is Coco, Can u please take that picture of u & I off your page. Its not a good look,” wrote the reality star. Obviously offended, Diezel took a screenshot of the message and issued a response. “So I get this DM on twitter, just wondering a few things?,” wrote Diezel. “A. Is Ice T mad? B. it’s not a good look for you, not me C. You knew what you were doing when you took the pic D. You mad Coco??” Diezel is believed to be a close friend of rapper AP.9, a rapper and the  first man photographed in compromising positions with Coco.

Coco sitting on the lap of rapper AP.9

And while neither Ice-T nor Coco have issued a response, their fans have wasted no time weighing in on the photo. “Why more trashy pics with other men? Ice did everything for you. He didn’t deserve disrespect.” wrote one fan on Twitter. “I knew you were as fake as your body!”, chided another.

Check out the latest “scandalous” Coco photo below. Is it really racy or is it being blown out of proportion? -danielle canada