Kanye West is gay, says top international blogger

A leading international fashion blogger has claimed on his social media site that Kanye West is gay, despite being in a relationship with Kim Kardashian and being the father of her unborn child.

Bryanboy, who has over 359,000 followers on Twitter, wrote yesterday that he was the “last to know” the strange rumor, but he doesn’t have much to base the insinuations on.

“Wait so Kanye West is gay?”, he wrote. “He and Riccardo Tisci were former f— buddies/lovers? And Kim Kardashian is a beard? Why am I the last to know?”

A “beard” is another word for a man who is gay on the down low and who covers his sexual orientation by a woman unwittingly or wittingly pose as his girlfriend.

Bryanboy added: “Immaculate conception, artificial insemination…. for all you know, Kim Kardashian is probably Mama Mary incarnate”

The insinuation here is also clear: Kim Kardashian was impregnated by someone other than West.

Kanye West with fashion influencer Riccardo Tisci, 2nd from left

Now, who is this Tisci person? He is a Givenchi Fashion designer who is thought to have influenced Kanye’s foray into fashion, according to the New York Post.

The NYP’s “Page Six” column previously wrote: “Sources say the two have been hanging in New York and Brazil. And critics noticed a Givenchy influence on West’s clothes at his runway show in Paris, where Tisci sat front-row.”

Multiple media outlets have contacted West’s rep for comment but without success thus far.

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