Mathew Knowles is no stranger to baby mama drama. The famous father of Beyoncé saw his marriage to wife, Tina Knowles, dissolve after it was discovered that he had a child with his mistress, actress Alexsandra Wright. And now it seems that Knowles’ past is coming back to haunt him again, as Wright is demanding that Knowles pay child support after threatening her.

According to TMZ, Wright recently filed legal documents claiming that Knowles sent her a “threatening” email in September 2011, in which he wrote, “You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay.”

Wright is now asking a judge to increase her child support to cover expenses for security to protect their son and to cover expenses for a secure, private school.

Mathew is currently paying $12,000 a month in child support, which sources say he faithfully pays. However, Knowles supposedly hasn’t covered school expenses because he and Wright simply haven’t discussed it.

Unfortunately for Wright, her new legal move may backfire as Knowles’ income has dropped considerably since Beyoncé fired him in 2011. Knowles actually believes the judge may lower his child support payments in light of his decreased income.

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