Breakout reality “star” Draya Michele turned 28 yesterday. The sexy reality star celebrated another year of success, with a few of her close celebrity friends in Hollywood.

The reality star and clothing designer, left little to the imagination, rockin’ a nude sheer dress with gold embellishments, a “vampy” makeup look and long, dark locks.

Check out the star’s style and birthday candids with her celebrity friends, Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran and more below. –ruthie hawkins

R. Hawkins

Humble with a hint of Muhammad Ali...

  • MissCane

    Let’s see. Three years ago when they dated Kenya wasn’t too old. But now she is? OK. Please. Gorgeous and successful as SHE is, why does she even want this dime a dozen flat head. It’s looks ridiculous.

  • anonymous00

    David Otunga seems like he’s an opprotunist and immature. When he met Jennifer he saw dallor signs from day one and when Jennifer wouldn’t go for his schemes, now he is going to play emotional black mail and refuse to sign the prenup. Jennifer, if the man truly love you, he’s not going to care about a prenup or how much money he gets if it doesn’t work out. Let David Otunga move on Jennifer; pretty don’t last long. You’ll have no problem finding the love of your life; very soon.

  • JustSaying

    Don’t forget Brandy and Keyshia Coles have bad veneer’s also!